The 80/20 Rule Applied To Business

The Pareto's Law describes the presence of the ratio 80/20 in many contexts, what about business?    

A Checklist On Establishing Your Business

Starting a business may be exciting, but it is no walk in the park. In order to help guide you through the steps of starting your business, we have taken cues...

The Different Ways To Get Yourself Funded Online

These are the different ways to get yourself funded this day and age, and not surprisingly, the online space is now a major platform.

10 Ultimate Startup Mistakes

These are the top 10 mistakes that a startup can make in any context. Avoid these, survive and prosper.

Fastest Ways To Lose Your Customers

It cost exponentially much more to gain new customers than it is to retain current customers.

How Humans Created Value Through History

To say humans have been resourceful through history is an understatement.

Guide To Franchising

Franchising has often been said to be an art, rather than a form of business.

How To Relax Fast

Relaxation is the key to ensuring long term productivity but also to a healthier life. However, relaxation is often a state of being that is easier described than achieved.

Growth of Online Shopping in Last Decade

Online Shopping is definitely the next big thing!

The Reasons People Quit Their Job

There are many reasons why people quit their jobs and the pattern behind the reasons tell us something more about how we should plan out our careers.  

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