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When it comes to marketing, everyone wants to talk about the best ways to market or how to be a successful marketer. We tend to search for easy and proven ways. Why don’t we consider the basic marketing mistakes? No one can ever be a great marketer or, for that matter, any kind of an entrepreneur, if they do not learn from mistakes. As it is truly said, behind every successful marketer there is a loser.

Once, I had a chance to have an interview with a great business person. I asked him to shed some light on his success story. He only told me one thing: “Bad experiences made me perfect, to make great decisions.” We want pre-made recipes and in this regard, we use other experiences in all campaigns whether they are related to our product or not.

Today, I will tell you five terrible marketing mistakes, which will lead our marketing efforts toward failure.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

This is a big mistake in the marketing arena. Marketing is not just about spreading the product all around the world. A perfect marketer is one who makes an in-depth study of the product, including research of its reach. Have you ever thought how the big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. are so successful? I know we never think about it. But let me tell you: they have a complete plan; they know about their audience. They have a perfect team who just analyzes the strong demographic conventions. That’s why those brands pop up into the sky faster and are leading the world.

Marketing is not just about getting featured in magazines, top sites, and publications. It consists of a certain life cycle. Just like SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), marketing also works like same. If, you want to make your marketing campaign successful then you must take a look at your audience. Selection of the wrong audience will definitely lead you towards failure.

Spending Too Much on a Budget and Getting a Low Success Rate

I have noticed that every new startup that starts its marketing campaign virally increases conversions. But have you ever noticed your cost and gain? What if you are spending thousands of dollars and getting only 10 percent leads? It will suck money out of your business. Be a smart marketer. Budget spending doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of the budget in a small amount of time or early on. The main purpose of spending money is to get the benefit. I have seen many marketers in my life who spend only 50 percent of their budget and get 500 percent ROI (Return on Investment).

Ignoring Competitors’ Strategies

OMG! Competitors are the most important barometers of your industry. Never underestimate your competitors. Have an open eye on their strategies, campaign progress and, of course, on their product planning. I have a great tip for you in this regard: when you find huge competition in your industry, come up with the most thrilling offer. It will work wonders.

We all are working to beat competitors by spending a huge amount in press releases, content marketing, social marketing and local advertisements. Have we ever thought that we can beat them with an old-fashioned strategy? Think about it and put your laser eyes on your competitors. No matter how big they are, diligent watching will do 70 percent of your job.

Not Using Historical Data (Especially Email)

If you are running a marketing team or firm, you may have many projects running or you may have done many before. In each project, email list building is the most important part. Whether we get sales or not, we need to be targeting peoples’ email addresses. It is not it a great option, but you use those email addresses in your other projects as well.

But keep in mind you must consider the taste and interest of people. Not doing this is a major mistake; the main reason is those targeted emails are not laser targeted to your product interest. So, always try to use historical data. We all know very well that email marketing is the most killer part of marketing.

Having a Lazy and Unqualified Expert Team

You have a good budget, nice strategy, and low competition, but you still are not getting full results? Have you checked your team twice? Do they properly fit your marketing campaigns? I am sure a financial adviser can never handle a quality assurance phase, and a lazy person uses the easiest way to solve a problem. Each team member must fulfill the requirement for their specific job.

Final Words

I have seen many startups and campaign(s) ruining their marketing budget as well as product values because they didn’t have a proper plan and strategy. These mistakes will ruin your company reputation in no time. If you want popularity for your company, then you must avoid these general marketing mistakes.

Let us know what strategy you are using for your marketing campaign and what mistakes you are making in the comments.


About the Author

This article was written by Tanvir Zafar a professional Writter and News caster at local news channel. see more.


Fatima Al Shirawi, Founder of The Gracious F



It is very rare that you find an individual who has a positive air and grace to them. Fatima Al Shirawi is one of those rare gems who leaves a room full of people feeling happy and enlightened.

Fatima is one of those rare insightful people who has helped individuals, organisations, local and International designers achieve their ambitions, dreams and goals, through reduction of stress, anxiety, increase in confidence and an enhanced feeling of emotional and physical well-being.

The Gracious F holds a strong portfolio of prominent international clients including members of the royal family in the UAE and has connections directly with the likes of world international designers who fly her to Europe to consult and speak about their collections and their Colour affects.

“Colour has a profound effect on human behaviour. Different hues influence different psychological modes and ailments. Exposure to a particular colour or set of colours can lead to a measurable improvement in mood and behavior. These hues are arranged into one of four harmonious colour groups. Individuals too can be categorised via these groups, with each type having a natural affinity for a particular set of colours. My knowledge of colour psychology ensures that I can use the appropriate shades and techniques to craft a personalised coloured programme that soothes specific physical or mental ailments.”

Fatima works with clients on stress management and anxiety treatment. Combining colour psychology and feng shui she teaches clients on how to cope with stress and relieve the symptoms of emotional workplace anxiety, giving them more freedom, more confidence and ultimately more balance in their daily lives.

As well as successfully combining colour psychology, contemporary interior design and the principles of feng shui, Fatima designs unique methods for those looking for a harmonious lifestyle and in particularly effective for those who are in a transitional or difficult phase in their life such as a home or career move, divorce or illness. In short: perfect for the individuals living the Dubai life.

“One of the oldest philosophies of our time is feng shui and is practiced worldwide. It is a system of laws used to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy.” As a feng shui expert, Fatima uses an in-depth knowledge of this to redesign contemporary luxury interiors, releasing the flow of energy and creating an optimum, balanced environment.

The principles of feng shui and colour psychology has a profound effect on human behavior. Colour psychology uses light in the form of colour to balance an individual’s spiritual energy. This energy travels through the body via these energy centers, each one associated with a colour. When an energy center becomes blocked, it results in specific physical or mental ailments, such as stress.

“The colour principle can also be applied to corporate companies; colour affects the bottom line when it comes to branding, packaging, web design, interiors, product design and fashion. The end result is a business which has purpose and a brand image that reflects the values of the organization.”

The Gracious F works closely with clients on interior design for private homes and corporate spaces. Using feng shui in the workspace helps to balance overall productivity, profitability and positive interaction. By introducing a combination of colour psychology and the principles of feng shui into the workplace, a company can help to balance overall productivity, profitability, success, positive interaction, enhance the creative working environment and improve the wellbeing of the workers.

“Without balance and harmony a corporate space or workforce can never achieve its true potential. Stagnant energy creates obstacles and setbacks, stops a flow of wealth and creates bad feeling. By introducing feng shui into the workplace, a company can help to balance overall productivity, profitability and positive interaction, enhance the creative working environment and improve the wellbeing of the workers.”

The Gracious F assists with every aspect of a brand’s design and communication. As advertising is one of the most essential forms of communication for any brand, Fatima works closely with corporate clients to apply theories of colour psychology to their client communications. This ensures that advertising is effective, enticing and representative of the brand personality and values.

“In a marketplace in which consumers are bombarded with information, The Gracious F ensures that a brand stands out and attracts consumers with a balanced and enticing advertising campaign and design. I use my experience in styling and colour to create attractive store displays, exhibition stands and photoshoots that communicate the brand’s products and ideals to the greatest effect.”

Fatima’s professional styling experience is used to create store displays, that embody the spirit of a brand while promoting it to new and established customers. Using both the principles of colour and feng shui, she works with corporate clients to create a display that is balanced, informative and enticing.

Styling techniques can also be used for exhibition stands and photo shoots, allowing the brand personality to shine through in enticing advertising imagery and brochure materials, and attracting more customers.

The inspiration for the establishment of lifestyle brand The Gracious F, is founder and entrepreneur Fatima Al Shirawi. With a passion for travel and education, Fatima started her journey as a graduate of George Washington University with a BA in Sociology and Marketing. Continuing her quest for knowledge, exploration of the fashion capitals of Europe led to qualifications from Polimoda Fashion School in Florence and London College of Fashion. To complement her achievements, Fatima also qualified as a certified colour consultant from the Colour Affects Institute in London.

Having returned to her native country, it was this experience of discovery and knowledge that has made Fatima realise the need for balance and a true understanding of the self to live a harmonious life. Fatima now uses her experience in sociology to understand how culture and religion play a role in our environment and what people are seeking in the multi-cultural destination that is Dubai.

Fatima Al Shirawi_Action Photo

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Callum Connects

Ivy Low, Director of WhiteAngel Caregivers Consultancy



What’s your story?
Like any nurses, I love to poke into the lives of vulnerable people. Not because we are bullies but for the fact this group of folks needs the most support , love and attention. I started being immersed in the Nursing industry about 14 years old ago and never looked back. Today , I am the founder of WhiteAngel Caregivers Consultancy Pte Ltd set up to help caregivers manage patient care at home, a place I believe care can be better than any institution.

What excites you most about your industry?
Healthcare is a need in everyone’s life. As age catches up, diseases creep into our life and we need healthcare support as much as we need food. And because it is inevitable, this will not be a sunsetting business. And the best part of it is being able to make money while helping and caring at the same time.

What’s your connection to Asia?
I am born Asian , lived in Singapore all my life. I grow up eating, living and breathing the Asean way..

wacnurseWac logo

Favourite city in Asia for business and why?
Definitely Singapore. Our government support here for entrepreneurs is amazing. From small medium business to multi- national companies, it is one of the easiest countries to start a business. In Singapore almost everyone knows someone who is or had been self employed before. In my family, from my grandfather to my father, they used to run their own company. I supposed that was part of the reason why I am an entrepreneur now.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
The best piece of advice I had ever received came from my personal experience as a child, though teenagehood and into adulthood. The same lesson I learnt and apply up to this day. At 10 years old, I learnt to live with my brother alone. In my teens, I started to work early while studying so that I need not take money from my dad. So my journey went on and through these years, the one advice that I remind myself all the time is ‘never to rely on someone else for anything but to be independent and self sufficient.’ Without this reminder, I would not have been able to go through the toughest years I had.

Who inspires you?
Definitely Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He is not only a prime minister,a politician, a great leader but also a very successful entrepreneur who turned a third world country in South East Asia into a first world country known across the globe in a short 40 years. I admire his courage to do the impossible, his determination to carry out his promises and his wisdom in bridging our nation through allied ties.

What have you just learnt recently that blew you away?
Successful people could be one of the laziest people on earth. At a recent comedy night, Russell Peter, a very famous stand up comedian confessed how much he hated waking up early for work so he worked on looking for a job that allow him to laze most of the time and earn good money at the same time. And indeed if you have paid to watch him, you would be amazed how an ordinary man could bring a revenue of millions in just 3 sessions of a 2 hours show

If you had your time again, what would you do differently?
Absolutely not! I love every moment now and never regretted one moment of my life. At one point I did wonder how would life be if I had studied better and landed myself in the law firm or as a doctor but quickly I know that if I had done so, I would never be able to experience all that I did and would never

How do you unwind?
The best thing I get on a daily basis is my dose of caffeine. After a hard day at work, all I wished for is ‘Kopi Si’ also known as coffee with milk & sugar. Music plays an important role in helping me stay calm too. I remember some days when things gets rough, I would either hit the loud music to shake out my mood or tune into classical or gospel songs to help me soothe my spirits. Who can live without music?

Favourite Asian destination for relaxation? Why?
Thailand beach. Firstly, Thais are great people and I always feel safe in their country. Secondly, they have beautifully relaxing villa that are really affordable and complete. Last but not least, good food. Alright, I am salivating already.

Everyone in business should read this book:
Good To Great by Jim Collins. There are so much research put into writing this book that is too good to be missed. Ever wondered how some small companies made it big overnight while other big organisations flopped in the hands of an employee? Be awed by this book of management strategies.

Shameless plug for your business:
WhiteAngel Caregivers Consultancy has helped over 1,000 families managed with the homecoming of a patient through caregivers’ training and home facilities built up. Established in 2010, WhiteAngel won the inaugural Young Entrepreneur Award in Singapore and have been featured various times for her social cause and rising business.

How can people connect with you?
Write to me at [email protected]
Hotline 6100 1701

This interview was part of the Callum Connect’s column found on The Asian Entrepreneur:


Callum Laing invests and buys small businesses in a range of industries around Asia.  He has previously started, built and sold half a dozen businesses and is the founder & owner of Fitness-Buffet a company delivering employee wellness solutions in 12 countries.  He is a Director of, amongst others, Key Person of Influence.  A 40 week training program for business owners and executives.

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Connect with Callum here:
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