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The Asian Entrepreneur  has grown to become the world’s most authoritative non-profit digital knowledge platform on Asian entrepreneurship. To date, it has the largest database of profiled Asian entrepreneurs in the world  and has substantial readership in over 26 countries. The Asian Entrepreneur is a leading international media source that was established with the intention of documenting leading developments in business industries across Asia via profiling entrepreneurs and business owners. It is the very first business magazine with the specialised focus on the Asian startup scene and is a first mover of its kind in casting light on the entrepreneurs that occupy it.

Asia has been garnering alot of attention in the recent years with its strong economical emergence. Indeed, in the past decade, the business developments taking place in Asia have been growing at an unprecedented rate. There has also been a rapid emergence of entrepreneurial activities marked by bold and innovative ventures. The Asian Entrepreneur authoratively documents and supplements this scene by creating valuable business content and publishing live interviews conducted with key business individuals and entrepreneurs based in Asia about their businesses insights and ideas.​

​Through the operation of its digital and printed magazines, The Asian Entrepreneur hopes to create an open and active community where business experience, innovative ideas and intelligent insights are shared amongst the Asian entrepreneurial community. To date, the magazine approaches and interviews key-figures in every imaginable industries, up and coming entrepreneurs, business owners, social media developers, idea incubators and various professionals.

In every published issue, The Asian Entrepreneur strives to provide Asian entrepreneurs with relevant and insightful content with the goal of helping Asian entrepreneurs build the specific business acumen.

1077877_586738794711721_1142857790_oFounded by Harvard University students and affliates; the company sees global operations throughout the world. The Asian Entrepreneur stands as the world’s first and authorative source on Asian entrepreneurship.  To date, it has interviewed entrepreneurs from every single country in Asia and has major readership figures spanning across major Asian regions.

The company has also began organizing an private investment iniative with its equities partners and sponsors which seeks to fund social innovative ventures, known as The Valedictorian Programme.

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