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Lakshmi Rebecca runs India’s first award-winning Indian online talk show called ‘Chai with Lakshmi’, is the founder of Red Bangle - a film production house in Bangalore, and is the maker of the Youtube series, ‘India Ahead’. Lakshmi is a qualified marketer from Sheffield Business School, UK, where she also researched and taught marketing. Chai with Lakshmi, which features and people and ideas positively shaping India for the futures, recently became a WSA nominee (a UN initiated award for the best in global e-content). Red Bangle, Lakshmi’s production house, has made nearly 300 films, which range from Ad films to corporate films.
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Can a small revolution begin in India’s informal economy? Can India’s growth become inclusive? Can debt be a thing of the past for our rickshaw valas, vegetable vendors and other micro entrepreneurs? S3, a small-scale sustainable infrastructure development fund is bringing together technology, resources and guidance to bring about change in small pockets but leading […]

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Philosophers have historically treated the problem of knowledge as establishing the conditions for personal “justified true belief” in the presence of philosophical skepticism and relativism. Epistemologists since Plato‘s Theatetus have developed a bewildering number of theories of knowledge.  Second only to Kant ‘s “scandal” that philosophers cannot logically prove the existence of the external world, it is scandalous that professional philosophers are […]

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When we consider the future of knowledge, we must consider whether something like knowledge can exist without a human mind to grasp it. Some would argue that without interacting with consciousness, it is possible to have data and even information, but not real knowledge. Such a view flies in the face of the normal way we think about knowledge. What are […]


I highly recommend reading the McKinsey Global Institute’s new report, “Reskilling China: Transforming The World’s Largest Workforce Into Lifelong Learners”, which focuses on the country’s biggest employment challenge, re-training its workforce and the adoption of practices such as lifelong learning to address the growing digital transformation of its productive fabric. How to transform the country […]


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