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Rachit Khosla

Rachit Khosla, a strategy consultant at heart, is the founder of Conquerem - world’s first marketplace of market research and boutique strategy consulting firms focused on Emerging Markets. Rachit is an alumnus of Manchester Business School (United Kingdom) and the former Country Manager and Director of Solidiance. He has rich experience of advising Fortune 500s and large conglomerates on Asian Market entry and growth strategies. Rachit has been the most viewed writer on Quora for topics such as “Market Research”. Rachit has lived in three countries till date and has set foot on more than 30 nations. When not working, he is busy planning his next trip.

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How Businesses Explore Emerging Markets

Over the past few years, emerging and frontier markets have been considered synonymous with (untapped) opportunities and (long term) prosperity, rightly so, as these...