Author: Shibei Ding

Shibei Ding is a digital journalist and a researcher in the communication field. Her interest include gender, race, social media and e-commerce. She has experience in multimedia reporting as well as investigative journalism. After two years study in mass communication at the University of Florida, she is now seeking to start her career at the crossroad of journalism and research.
  1. Entrepreneurship, an online food delivery platform based in Shanghai, announces that it is expanding its delivering team in over 50 cities in order to build a nationwide Just in Time(JIT) Distribution Network, which will make it the largest in China. According to the 2015 Chinese Food Delivering O2O Industry development Report by iResearch, is the leading third-party online […]
  1. Entrepreneurship
Shunshun Liu Xue, a new o2o(online to offline) platform in China that focuses on overseas study consultation has recently attracted $18 million Series A funding from Hao Wei Lai, a leading Chinese pre-college education company, only 12 days after they received $2 million seed funding from IDG Partners Investment on June 1. Since 2009, China has […]
  1. Entrepreneurship
Having difficulty in catching a cab during peak hours? Urging to get chauffeured car services more efficiently? Realizing the value of a platform that connects passengers and taxi vendors as well as the huge vacancy in the C2C market of motor vehicles, Asian entrepreneurs are putting great effort into their ride-hailing services. Five ride-hailing services, including Didi Kuaidi, […]
  1. Entrepreneurship
From March 16th to March 18th, a special festival was held on, a Chinese e-commerce website. Its sales model is very similar to Zulily,which focuses on baby products flash sales, but the merchandise of Miyabaobei are mainly from overseas. A new born company and a vertical e-commerce website, this young Imported Diapers Shopping Festival helped Miyabaobei to prove […]

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As children, we’re told bedtime stories to help us fall asleep at night. Stories about mythical creatures, princes and princesses, and unsung superheroes take us to an alternate reality, a more comfortable reality. There, everything is better — we’re more adventurous, life is more exciting, and we always win the battle between good and evil. But what happens […]
The Microsoft founder has become the latest in Musk’s growing list of billionaire foes. Why is SpaceX & Tesla’s chief picking fights? While they have international, even Interplanetary, businesses to run, or world-saving foundations to oversee; Billionaires, so it seems, also have plenty of time to fight. In recent months, the multi-billionaire’s club has been […]



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