Author: Shirley Soodeen

Shirley Soodeen is an expert business coach and development specialist who specialises in creating high-performance cultures in the luxury fashion industry for some of the leading brands in the world. She has helped thousands of managers and employees understand how to implement performance management in their day-to-day activities.
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The 4 E’s of managing performance and employee engagement in the Luxury Fashion Industry What principles do managers in the luxury fashion industry use to engineer a high performance culture that continuously delivers results season after season? Coaching managers in the Luxury Fashion Industry helped me identify a few essential principles that are fundamental in creating […]

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Netflix and Disney have both announced their programming for 2021, underscoring increased home consumption, partly as a result of a year of lockdowns, but also as part of a long-term trend. Almost the entire industry is trying to ensure that these changing trends don’t catch them out of step: Warner has said all of its 2021 releases will be […]

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Hikikomori, which originated in Japan, refers to the condition where youths withdraw into the home and do not participate in society for an extended period of time. Recent updates on hikikomori presentation within the region were exchanged at a Hikikomori Round Table and Regional Symposium (HRTRS) discussion late 2017, leading to this perspective paper. Hikikomori […]



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