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Varun Chandran

Varun Chandran is the founder and CEO of Corporate360, A Marketing Data Cloud Software Company. A national footballer turned entrepreneur, he is an avid traveller who spends most of his time in data science and entrepreneurial ideas. Varun lives in Singapore. He can be reached on twitter @varunc360

Author Articles

Managing Time & Productivity while Running A Startup

At Corporate360, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Running a start-up can be excruciatingly time consuming and has the potential to zap all of your...

The common notion of ‘startup success’, isn’t even close to it!

If you have been reading up digital news frequently, you already know what’s the most hep topic of conversations today — startups. Call it need of the...

Data Cloud: Transformation In Marketing Data Industry

The New Marketing-tech Fuelling CRM, Marketing Automation & Predictive Analytics tools. Marketers need to make decisions in a data-rich environment, where vast amounts of customer...