Author: Xun-Lin Wong

A once-aspiring lawyer, Xun-Lin abandoned a bright legal career (a woeful exaggeration) and stumbled quite unwittingly into the world of technology, start-ups and digital marketing.
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Start-up companies in a cut-throat, fast-growing business world are familiar with the accusation “copycat”, often hurled at them by bigger and more established businesses that are embittered by the fact that smaller, inexperienced teams can catapult to success after copying them. But the successes of these start-ups speak volumes about this method of developing businesses. […]
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Ecommerce in India is looking pretty so far, but 99% of the canvas is still unpainted. The country’s online retail sales currently account for less than 1% of the total revenue generated by retail sales. However, it would be inaccurate to label India’s e-commerce state as ‘infantile’, for the industry has seen growth — fast and […]
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In a surprisingly short amount of time, cashback websites in Southeast Asia have started to produce results that exceed the expectations of industry experts, and even the very founders themselves. Their rapidly growing consumer base goes to show how more and more Southeast Asians are not only taking their shopping online, but also relying on […]

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The Microsoft founder has become the latest in Musk’s growing list of billionaire foes. Why is SpaceX & Tesla’s chief picking fights? While they have international, even Interplanetary, businesses to run, or world-saving foundations to oversee; Billionaires, so it seems, also have plenty of time to fight. In recent months, the multi-billionaire’s club has been […]
In early July, an important announcement by Apple went relatively unnoticed: it was shifting assembly of its iPhone 11, then the most advanced model in its product line, from China to Chennai in India. A couple of weeks later, Samsung, along with several other Apple suppliers (Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron), Indian manufacturers Micromax and Lava, and up to 18 other companies applied […]



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