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Xun-Lin Wong

A once-aspiring lawyer, Xun-Lin abandoned a bright legal career (a woeful exaggeration) and stumbled quite unwittingly into the world of technology, start-ups and digital marketing.

Author Articles

The Ethics of Business Copying: “Tweakers”, not Copycats

Start-up companies in a cut-throat, fast-growing business world are familiar with the accusation “copycat”, often hurled at them by bigger and more established businesses...

Ecommerce in India – 2016’s Online Shopping Destination

Ecommerce in India is looking pretty so far, but 99% of the canvas is still unpainted. The country’s online retail sales currently account for less...

Startups Adapt The Cashback Shopping Model To Southeast Asia

In a surprisingly short amount of time, cashback websites in Southeast Asia have started to produce results that exceed the expectations of industry experts,...