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Mavis Lee

Mavis Lee – Founder and Creative Director

The sad death of her mother made Mavis Lee realise that time is precious so she took the leap to start her own company providing brand promotion through social media.
Mary Barrett

Mary Barrett – Chief Enthusiasm Officer

A love of helping people understand how their minds work and how that knowledge can improve their business and personal lives led Mary Barrett to leave banking and start her own business.

Lessons from the Oceans – Conquering Fear in 5 steps

This article has been contributed by Narayanan Shankar | Entrepreneur Insights Series It won’t be long before I drown if thrown into a swimming pool. Yes....
Jay Pavagadhi

Jay Pavagadhi – Founder and CEO

Having worked with some of the major tech collectors of personal data, Jay Pavagadhi decided to flip and launch a venture to help people protect their data and limit access to it.

5 Reasons You should Forecast More Frequently in Unprecedented Times

This article has been contributed by Tim Gray | Entrepreneur Insights Series Supply chains crisscross the globe and bring together goods, technology, people, innovation, training, and investment to manufacture...
Hugo Leung

Hugo Leung – Project Manager

Hugo Offers Ingenious Door & Wall Cladding Solutions What's your story? I traveled almost half of the earth’s land for a degree in law only to find out my real...
Benita Chick

Benita Chick – Founder and CEO of Encompass HK

A background in marine biology led Benita Chick to a career raising awareness of Sustainable Development Goals whilst continuing her advocacy of diversity and inclusion awareness. What's your story?  I...
Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson – Director & Chief Innovation Coach of Flux Compass

A start in journalism led Anna Simpson to ask the question ‘What do we want for tomorrow?’ and from there she started working with people and organisations to help transform their perspectives.
Angeline Tong

Angeline Tong – Chief Curator at HOL Experiences Pte Ltd

Angeline Tong is a self-described ‘architect of narratives’ and for 15 years has been curating numerous experiential spaces and experiences for brands, government agencies, NGOs, private individuals, museums and galleries
Kai Chua

Kai Chua – Founder & CEO of Linkstuffs

Mechanical Engineer Kai Chua did not like being disturbed during the night to resolve breakdowns when the robots under-performed so he found a way to anticipate breakdowns.  He then turned this into...