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This article was originally published here: Renee Conklin – Founder of RC HR Consulting Renee Conklin’s commitment to delivering on her promises has enhanced her reputation and widened ner client base. What’s your story? I’m an independent Coach and HR Consultant with more than 15 years’ experience. I coach individuals through successful career transformations, and […]
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This article was originally published here: Siri Pekasut – Founder of Pixel Interactive Company Comfortable outside her comfort zone and refusing to be constrained by limits, Siri Pekasut has grown her small web design agency into multiple businesses What’s your story? After living in Sydney, Australia and working for an IT company for years, I […]

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Contents Compliance in Blacks and Whites Kinship betwixt Sociable Percept and Sociable Noesis Addressing the Sociable Perceptions Closing References Advertisement We leave compose a usance Seek on Ethnical Groups and Conflicts specifically for you for but $16.05 $11/varlet Read More The dispute ‘tween whites and blacks is not innocent of societal percept, compliance, and […]

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Authoritarian states deliberately use a number of tools to manage their image internationally, writes Alexander Dukalskis. Creating positive news, distracting and silencing critique, and shaping elite opinion help make the world safer for dictatorships In 2012 news broke about a public relations contract between a firm called Racepoint Global and the Rwandan government. The contract involved a plan […]


I highly recommend reading the McKinsey Global Institute’s new report, “Reskilling China: Transforming The World’s Largest Workforce Into Lifelong Learners”, which focuses on the country’s biggest employment challenge, re-training its workforce and the adoption of practices such as lifelong learning to address the growing digital transformation of its productive fabric. How to transform the country […]


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