Advice From Billionaires

These billionaires sum up their keys to success in one personal sentence. Learn what the Greats think.

Technology Business Valuations – A Hurdle to VC Deals in Developing Markets of Asia

Ask prospective investors in Pakistan or Bangladesh for a $200K investment at $800K pre-money valuation and see the jaws drop. Most investors will question whether you and ‘that thing’ on your...

Successful People Who Took An Indirect Path To Success

There are many successful people out there who became successful indirectly or at a much later stage of life. Heres their story.

How To Transform Your Project Into Your Main Job That Makes Money

My first year of writing is nearly complete. In starting my own online site and business, I realized a few entrepreneurial secrets that aided in the success and development of

Four simple steps to understand what your customers value

How do one define value? Is it measurable? Do you know what are your products and services actually worth to customers?  It's a whole lot easier to claim value than to actually...

I Talked To And Learnt From Tony Fernandes Of AirAsia

He walks in to greet us and starts cracking jokes. Full of passion and charisma, his knowledge of every single detail of his company is evident. Spending time with Tony Fernandes,...

The Reasons People Quit Their Job

There are many reasons why people quit their jobs and the pattern behind the reasons tell us something more about how we should plan out our careers.  

The Next Startup Nation: Pakistan?

Recently dubbed ‘the next big thing’ in Asia with restored investor confidence, favourable conditions for private sector growth and a plethora of talented engineers, the country’s burgeoning startup community is emerging...

5 quick things to keep your business growing

Leaving the corporate to run your own business is the ideal situation for many people: There's no boss breathing down your neck, no boring meetings to attend and no long drives...

What Does It Cost To Run A Startup?

Just as there are different living costs throughout the world, there are different costs of operating a startup throughout the world. Here are some of the top differential roundups with data...

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