In the last 14 years 1.6 billion USD have been invested in enterprises in India’s social sector. But that’s a meagre number compared to the 10.7 billion USD invested in enterprises (in all sectors) in 2013 alone. And of the money invested in the social sector, only 5% is from within India!

Wouldn’t it be good if India investment more in Indian social enterprises, i.e., enterprises that could dramatically elevate standards of living for a vast majority of the population? Wouldn’t there be benefits apart from money itself? Here are answers from one venture capital firm, Intellecap, which is encouraging Indians to open up their purses for Indian social startups through a dedicated fund called I3N (Intellecap Impact Investment Network).

For the sake of this video, I’d like to define ‘Social Enterprises’ as for-profit businesses aiming to solve a problem associated with people at the bottom of the pyramid in a sustainable manner – one that elevates their standard of living and includes them in the country’s growth.

This video was filmed at Sankalp Summit in Mumbai, India. Sankalp is an Intellecap initiative.